By great sound the "waterspout" will tremble, harmony broken lifting its head to sky, Bouche blood-covered will float in the blood, on ground the face anointed with milk and honey
~Nostradamus I.57

Could this quatrain be describing the assassination or attempted assassination of President Bush? The word Bouche (sounding like "Boosh") means "mouth" in French but it also sounds like the name of Bush. The line can be interpreted as "Mouth blood-covered will float in the blood" or "Bush blood-covered will float in the blood". Does this quatrain describe a general event or an event with a specific name? Is Nostradamus using a dual-meaning word to describe the specific name as well as the event? The last line speaks of a highly placed official who is lying in a pool of blood on the ground. The first line describes the event - the great sound of what seems like a bomb blast.

The Arab Prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo, the rule of the Church will succumb by sea: towards Persia very nearly a million men, the true serpent will invade Byzantium and Egypt.
Nostradamus V.25

The conjunction of Mars, Sun and Venus in Leo occurs next in the month of August 2006. Shall we soon see a coup in Saudi Arabia resulting in the overthrowing of the pro-American royal family by a new Arab leader? Will he cause the governments in Iran, Egypt and Turkey to topple one by one and ultimately attack Europe? Do the Islamic prophecies indicate the same events when they say ... "The Prophet (S) said, 'You will attack Arabia, and Allah will enable you to conquer it. Then you will attack Persia, and Allah will enable you to conquer it. Then you will attack Rome, and Allah will enable you to conquer it..."

New York is destroyed unexpectedly before this time of war by small explosive devices, that explode very low in the air. The image grows more vivid, becoming like houses blasted apart from a violent storm. In the explosion inferno (the explosion's epicenter or "ground zero"), I saw nothing left standing. It would seem to have occurred around noon (local time). If one considers however, that, in the early summer, it becomes light very early, that could be also in the morning hours. I saw all details clearly and with extraordinary clarity. Here (in Austria), there was yet no war at the time. When news of the destruction was being broadcast on the radio for the first time, I wanted to eat just a trifle (lunch). At the close of the news report, it appeared to be an especially clever act carried out by psychopathic enemies (terrorists?).
Prophecies of the The Seer of Waldviertel

A vivid description of a vision by The Seer of Waldviertel a.k.a. the farmer of Krems (Austria) which predicts the destruction of the city of New York during an early summer morning/noon, by terrorists using two small nuclear devices. The prophecies of the seer mainly concern the invasion of Europe by Russia during the Third World War. However, he also says that before the war actually takes place, a war in the Middle East and the terrorist attack on New York will take place, although the attack will be an event unrelated to the Third World War.

The Buddhists live in that city...The residents of that city do not worship God or their forefathers. They do not fear after-life. Other than the body, they do not believe in any soul...When Jin (the leader) heard that Kalki has come to fight them, he gathered a huge army and went out of the city to fight Him.
~ Kalki Purana II[6], Verses 40 to 44

The Hindu prophecy Kalki Purana describes a war between Kalki, the awaited "avtar" of God and "Jin" who is the leader of "Buddhists" but whose description matches, for all purposes, the Communists. On 15th March 2003, Hu Jintao was elected the Chinese President. Is Jintao the leader "Jin" described in the Hindu prophecies?