IV.88 : Defeat of Tony Blair in elections ?


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Le grand Antoine du nom de faict sordide
De Phthyriaise à son dernier rongé:
Vn qui de plomb voudra estre cupide,
Passant le port d'esleu sera plongé.

~ Nostradamus IV.88

Anthony by name great by fact filthy
Of Lousiness wasted to his end:
One who will want to be desirous of lead,
Passing the port he will be immersed by the elected one.

Many of us probably do not know that Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister is actually named Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

Could the person named Anthony in the above quatrain possibly refer to Tony Blair? It may seem far-fetched but the quatrain seems to agree to the predicament that Tony Blair is currently facing.

What the quatrain says is that Anthony, although great by name is in fact sordid or base. His lousiness (worthlessness) will be the cause of his end (probably of his political career, hopefully not of his life). He will desire to lead again - his party and his country, but will be defeated by the elected one - the person who is elected to be the Prime Minister in his place. The word "passing the port he will be immersed" is hard to interpret. Probably it indicates that he will be comprehensively defeated in the working-class areas like the docks, where the labour party has its main support base.

Tony Blair was facing numerous allegations about his role in allegedly presenting false intelligence in support of attacking Iraq. Although the Hutton inquiry into the death of the scientist John Kelly and the alleged fabricating of intelligence absolved him of the charges, the public perception remained that the inquiry was a "whitewash". This did not help to brush up his public image that is crucial before the elections. Further allegations about the role of the intelligence in spying against the UN and its member countries did not help either.

Tony Blair was born in 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am not sure whether V.93 of Nostradamus, which speaks of a leader from Scotland confusing England could be speaking of him.

Under the land of the round lunar globe,
When Mercury will be dominating:
The isle of Scotland will produce a leader,
One who will put the English into confusion.
~ Nostradamus V.93

During the 1983 UK general election he was elected as the MP for Sedgefield, a constituency that he has held until the present day. Blair has served as Prime Minister of UK for two consecutive terms since November, 1998 and will probably be seeking a third term in the coming elections. On August 1, 2003 he became the longest sitting Labour Prime Minister, surpassing Harold Wilson's 1964 - 1970 term. On October 19, 2003 Blair received treatment for an irregular heartbeat. He felt ill the previous day and went to hospital where he was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia.

It remains to be seen if Tony Blair is indeed defeated in the next UK general elections, to be held during the end of 2004, as is speculated from the above quatrain.

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