I.57 : Assassination of George W. Bush ?


The World War III: - History foretold?
The Beginning
Fall of Communism
Attack on New York
Biological Weapons
Mabus and the Comet
India -vs- Pakistan
The Great Earthquake
The Arab Conqueror
Libyan attack on Italy
Arab onslaught in Italy
Fall of Nice
Iran attacks Macedonia
Iran attacks Spain
Attack on France
Capture of British Royal
Conquest of Ishmael
Arabs in Yugoslavia
French defeat in Adriatic
Election of French Pope
The Anti-Pope
Death of Anti-Pope
Pope escapes to USA
Murder of a British Royal
Pope flees from Rome
Asteroid-Earth collision
Arab attacks in Germany
Poles ally with Arabs
Arab attack on Hungary
Submergence of Britain
Nato flees from Europe
Nuclear attack on USA
Air raids
Missile attack on USA
Nuclear attack on France
Bio attack/Space Station
Nuclear attack on Italy
Use of Atomic Weapons
The Chinese Leader
Iran attacks Greece
The fall of Europe
USA-Russia alliance
The "Man of Blood"
Counterattack from USA
West fights back
French leader "Chiren"
West regains Rome
Victory for "Chiren"
"Chiren" - King of World
Chiren defeats Arabs
Arabs betrayed by Turks
African forces save Arabs
Fall of the Arab Empire
Fall of China
The Final Battles
Capture of Arab leader
Peace returns on Earth
Weakened West
The Comet appears
The Judgement Day : end of this Civilization after a catastrophe



I.57 : Assassination of George Bush ?
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Par grand discord la trombe tremblera,
Accord rompu dressant la teste au ciel,
Bouche sanglante dans le sang nagera,
Au sol la face ointe de laict & miel.
~ Nostradamus I.57

By great sound the "waterspout" will tremble,
harmony broken lifting its head to sky,
Bouche blood-covered will float in the blood,
on ground the face anointed with milk and honey

The word "Bouche" (pronounced like "Boosh") means "mouth" but it also sounds like the name of Bush. The last line seems to indicate that Nostradamus is speaking about the the fate of a particular individual - a person whose face has been anointed with milk and honey - typically indicating a man who is a king or highly placed official, who is lying dead or injured on the ground.

"Trombe" literally means waterspout, which is a tornado on a water. It is possible that this quatrain is describing two notable events - the occurrence of a huge and destructive tornado and the assassination or attempted assassination of a leader taking place in close proximity of time.  If not taken literally, the first two lines might indicate something like an explosion of a bomb where the smoke spreads like a waterspout. The word "grand discord" meaning great sound, fits well in both contexts. An explosion or a tornado, it would obviously tremble and its consequence would disturb harmony in the world, as the second line seems to suggest. "Lifting its head to sky" goes with the "waterspout" and could indicate the rising smoke and fireball of an explosion or the tornado.

What is almost certain is that Nostradamus speaks of a highly placed person lying dead or injured on the ground in a pool of blood. The hint is that he is dead, may be from a bomb explosion. But could the word "Bouche" actually mean a similar sounding name "Bush" instead of its actual meaning? The line can be interpreted as "Mouth blood-covered will float in the blood" or "Bush blood-covered will float in the blood". Does this quatrain describe a general event or an event with a specific name? Is Nostradamus using a dual-meaning word to describe the specific name as well as the event?

Its not unusual for Nostradamus to use double-meaning words so that the quatrain becomes hard to interpret until the event happens and actual names are hidden in the guise of similar sounding words. For example everyone interpreted "Boristhenes premier" in III.95 as the river Dnieper until Boris Yeltsin became the President of Russia. The deft use of the words might have indicated the person and the place at the same stroke. The rest of that quatrain seemed to indicate the fall of communism and rise of capitalism in Russia quite clearly. Similarly, in this case too we cannot discount the possibility that Nostradamus actually hints at a destructive tornado and to the assassination or attempted assassination of President Bush and this quatrain might indicate a great danger to the life of the President in the near future.


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